ibrahimi azeddine medbiotech


Head of the Medical Biotechnology Lab

Azeddine Ibrahimi is the director of the BioInova Research Center, head of Biotechnology Lab at the Rabat Medical School in Rabat and Professor of Medical Biotechnology at the University Mohammed V Rabat, Morocco. Pr Ibrahimi has completed his graduate studies in Biochemistry Center at Nice–Sophia Antipolis University and his training in the US at Sate University of New York Health Sciences Center in Stony Brook where he joined its faculty in 1999. Back to Morocco, he founded the Biotechnology lab in the Rabat Medical School where he is acting as head of the department. He is interested in using molecular tools and genomic approaches into different areas especially in the fields of pediatrics and cancer and was awarded grant support from numerous foundations, including the National Institute of Health. He is an adjunct professor and consultant to different Moroccan institutions. He has widely published and has lectured in national and international meetings, particularly on the molecular biology of obesity and cancer. Professor Ibrahimi has been involved with numerous international organizations including the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, Association Française d’Etude et de Recherche sur l’Obesité and founder of the Moroccan Bioinformatics network.